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Excel Construction Templates
excel construction templates

Looking for Professional and EASY to use Excel Construction Templates for estimating Construction Projects?

Looking to complete your Home Rennovation or Construction Project On-Budget/On-Time?

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Excel Construction Templates for Commercial and Residential



So, how do you keep track of the construction processes? If you have linked from my blog you will have learned how to build an Excel based Gantt chart for construction projects.  I also showed you how to automate your construction projects using VBA, custom forms, and reports. This Excel based VBA application ties it all together to help you develop detailed estimates quickly, track progress against the plan, issue invoices and administer change requests for your construction project.


Whether you are an owner, builder, contractor or designer you can use these templates to quickly and easily plan and estimate your next construction project.  You don't need expensive construction management software.    All you need is Excel!


The excel based tool described on this page was developed as a consulting project for a construction company that used Excel to track tasks, resources, payments, change requests, and client billling - they were looking for one Excel tool that would consolidate all of their business processes but would also help them to develop more professional looking project estimates.    


This tool is developed using VBA.  If you want to extend your Excel skills this is a great case study in how to develop commercial Excel VBA applications to solve complex business problems - if you can spare the time to understand the VBA code.  If that isn't you and you are just after a professional construction estimating tool, then just open in Excel and get started using the cost breakdown structure template.


The name of this Excel application is "Beta Build 7.0".  It is designed in Excel and includes full access to all the VBA code.



This construction estimating template includes a complete cost-breakdown structure for construction project planning, estimating, and variance tracking;  if you are interested in automating the way you invoice and manage change requests, (or even just looking to become an Excel master), this Excel template automates these business processes for you via VBA.  You can review the Excel code via the VBE.  You can uses as-is or grab code snippets for incorporating in your own Excel templates.


These Excel templates and resourses are for home builders/rennovators, construction managers and property developers (Commercial or Residential) looking for an easier way to quickly estimate and produce polished bids and proposals in professional format to help you win your next commercial development project or just to help you better manage your own private property development or home rennovation. 


When you open the Excel template you need to first define the stages of your project, their cost estimates, and their target dates.   


The template includes a detailed cost breakdown structure and work breakdown structure (WBS) to cover all construction project scenarios from the basic to the more complex. 


Below is the summary view of what a new project looks like in the cost control worksheet.





Track actual spend against projected spend

Once you have defined your project using the templated work breakdown structure, you can quickly and easily see if your project is on track or at risk of over-spend.  It is critical that you catch this early otherwise you may have a project running out of control.

We have all seen construction projects stopped because the budget was exceeded.  If you overspend you also impact you or your clients return on investment.

excel construction templates


Step 3 - Plan and Schedulde your Construction Project in Excel


Construction projects are notorious for delays.  This can become expensive.  If you are a contractor this can impact your band name.    It is vital that you have an easy and simple tool to plan and project the completion date of each stage.


With these Excel templates, when you fill in the dates for each stage, it will automaticaly populate an Excel based Gantt chart that automatically adjusts based on task items and dates. 




Step 4 - Track Performance , Invoice, and Manage Change Requests


Once you have setup,planned your project,  started aquiring material and sub-contractors, you need an effective business process to manage and track your day-to-day project spend. 


If you have changed your plan or your client has changed their requirements, you need to track, invoice, and if necessary raise change requests.   You can do this via the invoicing and change control toolbar/macros.





Excel Construction Templates (BETA BUILD 7.0) Benefits

Use this Excel Construction Template to Estimate and track each stage of a Construction Project:

-A Construction Project work break down structure is used to categorize estimates and costs against common activities, materials consumed and equipment usage.

-Convert construction estimates into a contractual pricing schedule

-Comprehensive construction project cost variance tracking

-Use to track construction costs and variance

-Quickly generate professional looking Construction Cost Variance reports and construction invoices for your management and customers.

-Construction Project Schedule

-These templates are preconfigured specific to the residential or commercial industries which means you save time by modifying only the tasks you need. The rest are loaded into the schedule already

-Reuse template over and over again

-Gantt bars automatically fill in the dates of performance

-Used by general contractors, home builders, commercial builders, remodeling contractors, and trade subcontractors all over the world.

The actual template set includes a set of 7 essential project cost reports to help you manage project cost and schedule - this added visibility will help you reduce the risk of costly delays but also allow you to better track change requests for project variations with your contractors =  LESS RISK + LESS STRESS.

This Construction Project Estimating tool was designed in Excel as a low cost alternative to commercial construction estimating software;  if you are in the construction business you know how expensive this can be!  If you are a home builder or contractor looking to grow your business, this is the perfect option.  


These Excel Construction Templates are designed to quickly and accurately produce detailed cost estimates suitable for preliminary budgeting, project quotes, or obtaining construction loans.
• Quick, Understandable Layouts
• Category Budgets and Allowances
Variance Tracking-Comparisons of Estimated and Actual Costs
•Summary and Detailed Views

Check out the Excel Construction workflow (Estimating Workflow Overview)


 (A popular application of these templates is to use the project-cost breakdown structure to evaluate competing bids from contractors : just get your contractors to fill in the templates when they prepare their bid!)


Three Easy Steps:

1.  Click  Download Now

2.  Open in Excel

3.  Allow Macros

3.  Start creating detailed construction estimates


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Testimonials - excel construction templates


"Milos... this is one of the simplest, clearest, yet extremely useful excel construction estimating templates I have seen.  I like the fact that you have included reports. I bought some other templates from another vendor which were 5 times more expensive and didn't include the detailed management reports that you have.

It has saved me hours and I don't have to buy any expensive software. It is all in Excel.

If a person can't sit down and start producing professional estimates and winning bids, there isn't a tool on the market that can help them.

Thanks for putting together some templates that takes the complexity and mystique out of developing construction estimates on a level any one can understand... and most importantly... act on!

" Martin Howard, Project Manager Delta Construction




excel construction templates "The best Excel Construction Template available" -John Irving, CA


excel construction templates "I was a newbie to Excel and home construction.  Milos helped me to customize my own estimating template and project plan.  I have no doubt this has saved me a lot and helped me to manage my contractors and their change requests. This was a real stress before I found these templates. "- Katherine Steeples, OH






Are you Managing A Rennovation Project or a New Home Construction or just looking to Master Excel?



How to manage construction projects excel construction templates

If you want your next project to deliver on-time and on-budget I will send you my latest survival guides with the templates included.  My survival guide will help you -

- Customize a project management strategy for your specific needs
 - Create a model for bids and project cycles
- Establish administrative models for each project type
- Use staff and facilities to best advantage
- Learn how to manage and lead effectively with clients, vendors, and subcontractors

- See how to effectively and quickly resolve disputes among team members, clients, design professionals, and managers -Troubleshoot problems such as errors and omissions, change orders, delays, quality control failures, and litigation
- How to find the best architect, and make sure that he or she draws plans that give you a realistic view of the finished product.
- How to negotiate more effectively with contractors and set up a fair payment schedule that will keep them working until the project is finished.
- Create an effective "checklist" so you get what you paid for.
- Avoid paying for costly change orders and still make sure you get a beautiful renovation, on time and on budget!
-the 3 critical mistakes you absolutely have to avoid
-tips on how to articulate your needs clearly to designers, architects, and contractors;
- tips on negotiating contracts; suggestions for protecting yourself from legal and financial threats; and help understanding warranty claims.
Each step—from initial planning through the completed project—is covered in layman’s terms.

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excel construction templates

excel construction templates


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